Jon Moxley goes on lengthy rant about his flop WrestleMania 32 match with Brock Lesnar

Dean Ambrose

Chris Jericho's podcast isn't the only way that Jon Moxley has been able to air his grievances with WWE this week.

Moxley also decided to express his dissatisfaction with people and things in WWE on Wade Keller's podcast, and more specifically he decided to lay into Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar was name-dropped in the Jericho podcast as Moxley referred to Vince McMahon wasting millions of his money on Brock 'ruining the company'.

But Moxley decided to go in-depth on why his WrestleMania 32 match inside the AT&T Stadium with The Beast Incarnate was such a flop.

A Street Fight was made between Lesnar and Dean Ambrose after they feuded in and around their Triple Threat match with Roman Reigns to become number-one contender for the WWE Championship - which Reigns won.

In the build-up to their match, Ambrose visited Terry Funk who gave him his trademark chainsaw for the match, and on one episode of Raw Ambrose brought a cart full of weapons to the ring to taunt Lesnar with.

The end product was far from satisfactory though with an F5 onto a pile of chairs was about as brutal as it got.

Moxley described a Street Fight with someone like Lesnar as his 'dream scenario', and was hoping he would be on the same wavelength when it came to ideas for the match and wanting to incorporate the likes of blood into it.

Dean Ambrose was furious as Brock Lesnar's lackadaisical approach to their WrestleMania match

But Moxley described Brock as 'not wanting to be there' and that his ideas were getting 'ignored' by the creative team.

He also described a conference call to discuss the match and how Lesnar shot down his ideas, qouting Brock as saying: 'I mean look, you go to Suplex City, you get your hands on a weapon and make a comeback', and that they couldn't even use tables as they were being saved for 'more important matches'.

Some way to describe a bout that if built right could've been a main event bout, and he went on to disparage Lesnar some more.

"So day of the show, he doesn’t show up until like 3pm," Ambrose said, per Uproxx.

"We haven’t talked about any of this match, the show starts at 5pm, we’re like fourth. He’s not really interested and doesn’t wanna be there - and this is the most important match of my life.

Brock Lesnar shot down Dean Ambrose's ideas for their match and the ending

"I’m like, everybody at WrestleMania wants to show up and steal the show. There are people on the show that night that I know were literally rehearsing their match for a month at like the Performance Center, because you should show up at WrestleMania to want to f***ing steal the show.

Moxley described the extent in which he was willing to go to make the match an absolute spectacle.

"I was like, 'Dude, we have the opportunity, we have a Street Fight. We can do anything. I’ll take any bump you want! Literally I’m begging you to f**king choke me. Please, powerbomb me into thumbtacks a hundred times.' and he [Lesnar] said: “Oh, we don’t need all that.” Like, he did not have the mentality of trying to steal the show at all. Did not give a s**t."

Moxley also stated that by the time the second match of WrestleMania was ongoing, there was still no finish to their match, and all of his ideas such as Lesnar running head-first into a chair and hitting him with a German Suplex were turned down by Brock, so the ending was just an F5 onto a pile of chairs in the middle of the ring.

It's clear that WWE didn't care about Dean Ambrose that night and he was merely a prop in Brock Lesnar's match, and it's no wonder why he chose to leave in April when his contract expired after this and all the other stories he's told.

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