Brock Lesnar fails to cash-in his Money In The Bank contract on Raw despite being advertised to do so

Brock Lesnar

The Brock Lesnar saga rolls on.

Whilst there was much uproar over him shockingly winning the Money In The Bank match over two weeks ago now, there's an argument to be had over Lesnar's character since then.

Since he returned in 2012 from an eight-year absence, Lesnar hasn't shown much personality or spoke much at all on the microphone.

All that changed last week when he showed up for Raw with his briefcase customised into a boombox, just a week after carrying it over his shoulder and receiving the meme treatment.

Fans found Lesnar dancing in the middle of the ring absolutely hilarious, so much so that many were able to forget the fact that advertised was apparently going to be his decision over who he was cashing his contract in on.

But when Paul Heyman told him he had one whole year to cash-in [Lesnar didn't know as he clearly doesn't watch the product], WWE pulled a bait-and-switch and had him walk out of the arena not making his choice.

For the third week in a row though last night, Lesnar was on Raw and Heyman officially advertised earlier in the week that Lesnar WOULD cash his contract in on Seth Rollins at some point during the episode.

Brock Lesnar brutalises Seth Rollins with a chair on Raw

It did not happen.

When Lesnar's music hit and Baron Corbin blindsided Rollins in the ring, a brutal attack from the Beast Incarnate followed as he wrapped a chair around the back of the champion several times.

But Lesnar refused to cash-in despite a referee being present, simply shouting 'FRIDAY' at Heyman.

Friday just happens to be when Super ShowDown is happening in Jeddah, so you can only assume that Saudi Arabia have paid WWE a ton of money to get Brock back once again.

It does put the Rollins v Corbin match in doubt though after he was carted out of the arena on a stretcher and in a neck brace.

Despite the false advertisement of the last two Raw's, expect Lesnar to finally forge his own shot at the Universal Championship in Saudi Arabia in three days time.

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