The Undertaker sent a warning to Goldberg on Raw before their Super ShowDown match

The Undertaker

When WWE officially confirmed Super ShowDown for June 7 in Saudi Arabia, you just knew The Undertaker would not want to miss out on a big payday.

With the Kingdom craving for stars of yesteryear, it was almost inevitable that The Deadman would be returning to the Middle East, but no-one really expected his opponent to be Goldberg.

During Goldberg's original brief year-long tenure in WWE, he and Taker were separated by the brand split, which didn't stop him from facing SmackDown's Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20 nevertheless.

If he stayed for longer than the year he did then there's no doubt that the ex-NFL player and Taker would've crossed paths eventually, but we've had to wait another 15 years for it to happen.

The WCW icon last competed at WrestleMania 33 against Brock Lesnar and it would be crazy to expect anything other than a short, hard-hitting five to 10 minute match between the two veterans.

On Raw last night, Taker demanded that Goldberg bring his old self to Jeddah and not the smiling family-man that he showed when he made his return in 2016.

He then said that he will 'unleash an inhumane level of brutality for which you have never felt' on the former World Heavyweight Champion, which would make sense if Taker was 15 years younger and could still move and hit like he once did.

Undertaker and Goldberg have come face-to-face in 2017 both on Raw and the Royal Rumble, but have never gotten physical with one another

But The Deadman at the end of the day had a pretty simple message for his Super ShowDown, and it's one that's been uttered so many times before.

"Goldberg - you're next."

It sparked a great reaction from the crowd and maybe people still do want to see this encounter, even though it's 15 years too late.

Goldberg was advertised for tonight's SmackDown last week, and the arena it's being hosted in has also spoiled that The Undertaker will also be there, so it looks like we are getting a face-off between the two just three nights before their match.

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