Most FIFA members who voted for the Qatar World Cup are accused of corruption

General Views of Al Wakrah Stadium

It has almost been nine years since Qatar were chosen as hosts for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The decision to award the tournament to the small Arabic country was one of controversy and it will have to be played between November and December to avoid soaring summer heats.

That, and the fact football fans were only saved from a 48-team competition by a recent FIFA decision, which could have meant surrounding countries would helping out with the hosting.

However, perhaps the most disappointing product of the selection has been the deaths involved in building the new stadiums in the country.

Charities like Amnesty International have branded the competition 'the World Cup of shame' and reports of human rights violations have been rife in recent years.

Controversy over Qatar

This had led the chairman of Qatar 2022’s organising committee to reflect on the 'tragedy' of so many deaths, while still insisting that the project is making progress.

“The Committee is cognisant that this is a high number of deaths and has been putting in place targeted programmes for early detection and treatment of potential health risks,” the report says.

It all begs the question: why did FIFA award Qatar the tournament in the first place?


Corruption rife amongst FIFA Council

Well, a recent tweet by Nike Harris of Sportingintellgince has shed some light on the FIFA committee that voted for the 2022 World Cup as well as the 2018 iteration in Russia.

Let's just say it doesn't reflect well on FIFA when nearly all of them have either been banned or accused of corruption, while others have been linked with ethical violations.

That's not to mention five members of the committee who have been involved in 'FBI/DOJ cases of criminal schemes, racketeering etc' since the official decision.

In fact, Hany Abo Rida is the only member from 22 who is still included on the FIFA Council. Take a look at the full break down of the team down below:

In the words of Harri himself, that's quite a bunch of 'lovely folk.'

It certain isn't ideal when people linked with Russian Olympic doping and bribes in the millions are the ones making the decision that Qatar will host sport's biggest competition.

The whole situation has certainly bred distrust in FIFA amongst football fans and quickly became part of the scandal that engulfed the organisation earlier in the decade.

Nevertheless, while many football fans will call for a revote, it seems as though Qatar are too deep into the process of preparations and that they will indeed host the competition. 

Views Of Qatar

The timing of the tournament will cause chaos with major European leagues, while the cause and permutations of Qatar hosting have already caused tragedy.

It's no surprise that FIFA have a huge question mark hanging over them in the aftermath and it's fair to say fans have been more excited for a World Cup...

Do you think FIFA should hold a revote? Have your say in the comments section below.

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