German side VfB 03 Hilden were filmed on the way to their Magaluf summer party


The 2018-19 season has come to a close for almost every team in Europe.

As a result, there are plenty of trophies to celebrate, relegations to bemoan and transfers to mull over as club football takes a breather for the next few months.

Liverpool were the big winners in Europe by securing Champions League glory, while Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Barcelona were all league victors.

Sadly, though, at the very upper echelons of the beautiful game, these teams won't be able to celebrate for long and will start to direct their focus towards next season.

Sure, the champagne is flowing in the dressing room after the trophy has been lifted, but players like Lionel Messi don't exactly embark on a one-week bender in the aftermath.

Introducing VfB 03 Hilden

These are top professionals who, give or take a few beers, have to maintain elite physical condition and try to replicate the very same success for fans one year later.

However, the same philosophy doesn't quite apply to the German fifth division and trust us when we say that really isn't a criticism.

VfB 03 Hilden had recently finished in 10th during this season's Football Oberliga Niederrhein, which doesn't exactly sound like much to shout about.

Incredible scenes at the airport

Nevertheless, the players still took the end of the season as an opportunity to throw a party and like many German holidayers, they chose Spain as their destination.

A viral video has emerged of the Hilden players on their way to Magaluf, presumably in their departure airport, and it already looks like one of the best lads' holidays we've ever seen.

The squad is casually dancing along the airport travelator dressed as elves and clad with banners, while singing the 'Yaya/Kolo Toure' chant at the top of their voices.

If this is what they're like in the airport, then we can only imagine the scenes when they arrive in Spain - check out the full clip down below:

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that there are no beers in sight!

Many of us have been on some eventful holidays ourselves, but we're not sure anything compares to the chaos of the Hilden team dancing their way to the departure gate.

It's also great to see the camaraderie between a squad flying the flag for lower league football, which doesn't necessarily enjoy the same success in Germany as it does in England.

So, who knows, maybe Barcelona and Juventus should take a leaf out of Hilden's book and dance the night away in Ibiza this summer. 

Sadly, that seems unlikely, but we'll give Liverpool the runners-up medal for their remarkable trophy parade where Jurgen Klopp necked his fair share of beers.

But until we see Joel Matip dressed as an elf and James Milner screaming 'Kolo Toure' at the top of his lungs, it simply isn't up to Hilden's standard.

Which football team would throw the best party? Have your say in the comments section below.

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