Premier League clubs will show VAR replays on screens next season

Watford v Wolverhampton Wanderers - FA Cup Semi Final

The arrival of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the Premier League next season is great news.

The standard of officiating was once again called into question at times during the 2018/19 season.

Match officials make mistakes. But when they affect the outcome of matches, that’s when people get upset.

VAR, though, should reduce the number of errors made.

“Immediately people can see things on TV, on their phones, and know mistakes have been made,” explained PGMOL Managing Director Mike Riley.

“So if you have that power of technology, why not harness it to help what is happening on the pitch?

“While VAR will not capture everything, it will help us make more better decisions. But it will not stop the debate over decisions next season.”

Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg

Liverpool & Man Utd unable to show VAR replays

One element that the Premier League needs to get right is with keeping the fans inside the stadiums aware of what is happening.

During the early years that VAR has been in use, there have been countless occasions where crowds have been left confused for minutes, unaware of what is happening or what decision is being made.

But the Premier League confirmed on Wednesday that, along with graphics, clubs can show ‘definitive’ clips that will help explain VAR decisions inside their stadiums.

That’s good news for the fans, who won’t be left in the dark about how a decision has been reached. That’s if you’re not watching matches at Liverpool or Manchester United’s grounds.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United - FA Cup Quarter Final

Anfield and Old Trafford are the only two stadiums in the top flight that currently do not possess a big screen. So, as things stand, fans at the two most iconic grounds in the league will not benefit from the extra access.

Both clubs simply use a scoreboard to keep fans updated with the score and the match time.

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League

"The Premier League has created graphics which will be displayed on giant screens to explain any VAR-related delay to a match, and any over-turned decision," said a Premier League statement.

"Additionally, if the VAR believes there is a definitive video-clip which helps explain an over-turned decision to fans, it will be broadcast on giant screens.

“In addition, the Premier League is investigating the possibility of messages and video-clips being viewed on handheld devices via an app.

"For clubs which do not have giant screens in their stadium, VAR communications will be made via a combination of PA announcements and messages on scoreboards."

VAR will be used on “clear and obvious errors” or “serious missed incidents” relating to goals, penalties, straight red cards and cases of mistaken identity.

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