Becky Lynch eyes main eventing WrestleMania without Ronda Rousey


Becky Lynch made history early this year when herself, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair were the main event of WrestleMania 35 as it was the first women's main event in the show's history.

Lynch would go on to make further history by winning the Winner Takes All match, becoming the Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion as well as the first superstar to hold both of those titles at the same time.

Now, The Man has her eyes set on bigger plans, as she wants to main event WrestleMania 36 as well, except this time without Rowdy.

Lynch said during her interview with Sports Illustrated that if she's unable to main event another Showcase of Immortals, she'll feel like a failure

She said: “I want to headline WrestleMania without Ronda Rousey. That drives me. I’ve main-evented WrestleMania, now I know what it feels like.

"For me, anything less than a WrestleMania main event is going to feel like a failure. So I’ve been thinking a lot about who my next opponent will be at WrestleMania 36.”


Besides Charlotte, there isn't currently another superstar in the women's division that is on the same level as The Man.

This is why Lynch believes it's so important that she helps build up more superstars to compete with her at the top of the divison, something which she has been doing recently with Lacey Evans

“I know there will be a whole class of women coming up chomping at the bit for my spot. I showed them what was possible, so they’re all going to want it. But I’m not ready to give it up yet. I’m just starting my prime.


"We also have to set the table for the ones who are next. Look at the night after WrestleMania. I had to build someone who has very little experience and who the audience doesn’t know in Lacey Evans.

"So I have to show people why they want me to kick Lacey’s ass, and hopefully I’m doing a good enough job. But you’re always trying to get yourself and everyone else on that level, so the moments mean even more.”

WrestleMania 36 in Tampa is still several months away, but at the moment, you wouldn't say no to another main event featuring The Man.

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