Toni Duggan does not think England's women should be paid the same as the men

Toni Duggan doesn't think England's women should get as much pay as the men

The debate about women's pay in sport has rumbled on for some time and will continue to go on.

The disparity in pay between both genders in football is plain to see.

For example, Ada Hegerberg, the highest paid player in the women's game, gets £343,000-per-year.

That's 326x less than Lionel Messi, the highest paid player in the men's game, who gets around £112 million-per-year.

Hegerberg will actually miss the upcoming Women's World Cup as she protests against equality in sport.

England's women also get massively less pay.

According to Goal, Steph Houghton, England and Manchester City's captain, receives £1,250-per-week.

Harry Kane, on the other hand, is on £200,000-per-week.

Toni Duggan, one of England's best players, has given her 'strong opinion' on women's pay.

She thinks the US' national women's team have every right to be campaigning for equal pay, but doesn't think England's women have earned the right to do the same thing.

Toni Duggan has made 71 appearances for England women

"I believe they (US women's team) should be doing it because they’re more successful than their men’s team," she told the Guardian.

"Should we be doing it? No. Because we don’t bring in the money that the men do – we’re not as successful as them yet.

"They bring in a lot more money than us commercially and are more successful. When people ask me: ‘Should I earn the same money as the men?’ No, I don’t believe I should because they’re on a bigger scale than me, they have more fans, are more popular.

"I believe the girls should be better paid but not the same as the men.”

Toni Duggan thinks England's women should be paid more, but not as much as the men

Duggan then went on to argue that women do deserve better facilities.

“I don’t want to just start with money – we need pitches, facilities,” the England forward added.

“We played at the Wanda [Metropolitano], which was amazing, but then the next week they’re creating a penalty spot 10 minutes before the games start.

"Equality for me is having a pitch to play on and hot showers in the changing rooms, before we talk about the money we get.”

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