Fans are speculating that FIFA Street is returning after new EA Sports teaser


Every year football fans seem to get excited about the prospect of 'FIFA Street' making a return.

With every annual release in EA Sports' flagship series, customers keep their fingers crossed that the thrilling game mode will make a comeback after seven years on the shelf.

The original FIFA Street game was released all the way back in 2005 and was quickly followed by sequels in 2006 and 2008, before the most recent instalment in 2012.

And while there is little to suggest that a full blown game will be released anytime soon, the least that fans are asking for is a five-on-five format being included in FIFA 20.

Many gamers have been left frustrated with FIFA 19, so the prospect of information about the next edition has raised interest once again and EA have released an intriguing trailer this week.

New FIFA 20 teaser

EA tweeted a 27-second teaser clip and explained that the full trailer would be uploaded to their YouTube channel at 3pm (BST) on Saturday.

Ok, so surely fans will have to wait until then to hear about FIFA Street? Well, yes, but it seems as though plenty of gamers are already convinced that it's returning.

That's because EA seemed to make plenty of hints at the format by titling the video: 'The stadium is anywhere' and showing numerous clips of people playing street football.


FIFA Street making a comeback?

The name of the video would certainly imply that fans will be able to play in different environments other than stadiums, perhaps futsal courts of five-a-side pitches.

There's certainly enough evidence to leave fans very much disappointed if EA fail to announce anything vaguely like FIFA Street, but we'll have to wait until 3pm to be certain.

In the mean time, though, plenty of prospective gamers have tweeted that they reckon FIFA Street is confirmed for next season. Check out some of the best reaction below:

The full game will be released on September 27 and will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The latest teaser trailer isn't the first time that FIFA gamers have speculated about street football, though, as the constant branding of a flickering 'V' symbol has kept people talking.

Some have suggested that it could be a nod to five-a-side football and EA did confirm that 'major gameplay changes' will be made in the new game.

Improvements to defending for computer-controlled characters, timed finishing, and manual goalkeepers are all on the cards with many more pending confirmation.

EA Debuts New Games And Products During E3 Game Conference

Tomorrow afternoon's trailer will be followed by a half-hour livestream at E3, allowing the game creators to pass on even more information about FIFA 20.

There seems to have been a wane in interest for the FIFA series in recent years, but you can guarantee that gamers will come rushing back if FIFA Street makes a return.

Do you think FIFA Street will be announced? Have your say in the comments section below.

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