Botch-filled Super ShowDown match between Goldberg and Undertaker see fans call for both to retire

Undertaker and Goldberg during their Super ShowDown match

It's no secret that when WWE go to Saudi Arabia, there's always part-time superstars that travel because that's what the Middle East fans like to see.

The people who reached out to WWE first about hosting events in the country wanted stars such as Ultimate Warrior and Yokozuna to be present at the inaugural show last year, not knowing they were deceased.

But they've got enough money to bring in the semi-active superstars of the past, and even ones that have retired.

The Undertaker and Triple H both appeared at the two Saudi shows in 2018, and Shawn Michaels came out of retirement for a big pay-cheque at Crown Jewel in November.

Speaking of Taker, he would continue his perfect record of appearing at the Saudi shows, as a few weeks ago it was announced he would face the WCW icon Goldberg in Jeddah.

This came as a surprise to many fans as Goldberg hadn't wrestled since April 2017, and even in his short return stint to WWE the longest he competed was around five minutes in one match.

After two solid promos on television earlier in the week, the two men came face-to-face on SmackDown briefly, and it convinced some who didn't want two 50-plus year olds to fight that they did indeed want to watch it.

By the time the match was over though, they wished it had never happened.

Undertaker and Goldberg stare each-other down before their match at Super ShowDown

The warning signs for the main event were already there when Goldberg came out of his dressing room after a loud bang with a spot of blood on his forehead - looking like he'd headbutted his door.

He did this during an episode of Raw in 2017, concussing himself and opening a wound on his head and proceeded to fluff his promo due to his actions.

The first few minutes of the match were fine, but as soon as Goldberg went head-first into the turnbuckle and opened another bigger cut on his head, things started to unravel.

Slowing down dramatically, Goldberg went for his signature Jackhammer manoeuvre to try and end the match and got it horribly wrong, almost dropping The Deadman on his head.

When Taker kicked out of that, Goldberg then tried for his opponents signature move - the Tombstone Piledriver - but collapsed under the weight of Taker and fell backwards to the mat.

One awful-looking Chokeslam later and the match was over, but just look at Undertaker's face - he didn't look happy at all.

Undertaker's face told the whole story after his match with Goldberg

The reaction from fans on Twitter told you everything you needed to know.

Whilst the Saudi money is around the lust to continue performing continues for many older superstars - even Mick Foley recently said he would be tempted to come out of retirement for the right price.

But this match was a telling sign that two men may really need to hang up the boots for good.

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