Matt Riddle labels Goldberg the 'worst wrestler in the business' after facing Undertaker

Matt Riddle

Two legends of wrestling may have just shown it's time to hang up the boots at Super ShowDown.

In the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah, The Undertaker and Goldberg went one-on-one for the first time ever, and it wouldn't end well at all.

Before he made his way to the ring, a thud came from the dressing room of the former WCW champion - and it seemed to be his notorious head-banging before he leaves.

Goldberg had a noticeable spot of blood on his forehead, and things would only get worse.

After being flung into the turnbuckle shortly into the match, another cut opened up on the head of Goldberg, but this one was much worse and blood soon covered half of his face.

There would be a flurry of botched moves, mostly from Goldberg, towards the end of the match, but even Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver saw Goldberg's head touch the mat - which isn't supposed to happen.

Finally though, Taker finished the match with an awkward-looking Chokeslam and he looked considerably miffed once he had ended the bout.

Goldberg's kneebar on The Undertaker that Matt Riddle ridiculed

One man who wasn't impressed was NXT star Matt Riddle.

The opinionated former UFC fighter revealed earlier in the week that Goldberg had blocked him on Twitter, and he mocked the Hall of Famer before the match had even started for bleeding.

Riddle was incensed further by Goldberg trying to execute a knee-bar on Taker during the opening minutes, which would look sloppy in the eyes of any former, or current MMA fighter.

And in a now-deleted tweet, Riddle made a controversial comment that was bound to get people talking.

“Goldberg, you lived up to the hype again. You’re absolutely the worst wrestler in the business, bro," Riddle stated, per ComicBook. “That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.”

Whilst probably removing the clip from social media was wise as to not get in trouble from the higher-ups in WWE, and Goldberg himself for that matter, enough people still saw it for word to get around - and it definitely didn't seem in character.

Riddle may have dug himself a very deep hole that he could find hard to get out of.

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