Goldberg knocked himself out during Undertaker match at Super ShowDown


The Undertaker vs Goldberg match at WWE Super ShowDown lived up to the expectation of many fans who knew entering the clash that both superstars are no longer anywhere near their prime.

Built as a first time ever meeting between the two, many will now be wishing the match never happened after it was filled with botches and errors which could have cost both competitors more than just the end result.

The Deadman would end up winning the match after just under 10 minutes, but it was clear that neither man was happy with what they produced in the ring.

The two struggled to work through their spots throughout the entire match on the way to a clumsy finish, putting themselves in serious danger.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Goldberg would reveal that he knocked himself out during the Super ShowDown main event but would keep on competing nevertheless.

He said: "Knocked myself out and thought I could finish.... love my fans.....but let u down. Everyone else that found “pleasure” ..... hope ur happy."

The former Universal Champion didn't mention exactly when he knocked himself out, but he took several rough spots throughout the match, so it's difficult to determine exactly when was the deciding blow.

Just walking to the ring, it was clear that Goldberg had reverted to previous habits of headbutting a surface hard before making his way to the ring as there was blood on his head during his ring entrance.

Headbutting the wall before his matches is something which Goldberg said during his last WWE run that he would stop doing, and it certainly didn't help him that he started doing it again.


Goldberg also took a nasty turnbuckle spot to the head during the match, and he was also dropped directly on his head after The Undertaker didn't perform a Tombstone Piledriver safely.

Either one of these botched moments could have caused Goldberg to knock himself out, but they all collectively affected the quality of the match overall.

WWE fans will be begging for Goldberg to not step inside the squared circle again for another match in order to preserve his health, and they could possibly tell The Undertaker the same message after another bad performance by him in between the ropes.

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