Slow-motion video shows Goldberg's head hitting mat hard after botched Tombstone Piledriver


Many WWE fans were concerned for the health of The Undertaker and Goldberg throughout their main event match at Super ShowDown.

Their first time ever match was filled with botches and errors which could have caused either superstar to walk away from the clash with a serious injury.

Thankfully, it looks like neither wrestling legend was seriously hurt, apart from Goldberg knocking himself out, but a slow-motion replay of one of the spots in the match shows it could have ended a lot worse.

One of the botched spots during the match was when The Undertaker delivered his patented Tombstone Piledriver to Goldberg for a near fall.

The spot looked bad in real time, but slow-motion replays of that moment show just how hard the former Universal Champion's head hit the mat.

Other botched spots in the match include Goldberg almost dropping The Undertaker on his head with his Jackhammer move, as well as the WCW icon trying to do The Deadman's Tombstone Piledriver, only to fall backward in his attempt.

The Phenom's chokeslam for the pinfall win wasn't the cleanest either, and overall, it topped off a match filled with botches and errors.

This match was just another prime example of WWE putting money first over the quality of wrestling which they provide.


Many WWE fans are now calling for both icons to hang up their wrestling boots for good, and rightfully so after a scary main event which could have seen one of, if not, both of them picking up a serious injury.

Both Goldberg and The Undertaker should listen to the fans and retire as they have nothing else to prove. They're both icons of the business, helping shape wrestling to the standard which it is today.

They'll only hurt their legacy if they continue to wrestle and put on poor quality matches like they did at Super ShowDown.

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