WWE fans are angry that Stomping Grounds PPV is littered with rematches


WWE booked several more matches for their next pay-per-view, Stomping Grounds, during their Super ShowDown show yesterday.

However, the vast majority of matches that are currently booked for the show haven't gone down well with WWE fans at all, as they're matches we've already seen in the ring recently.

Before Super ShowDown, WWE only had one match confirmed for Stomping Grounds, a SmackDown Women's Championship match of Bayley vs Alexa Bliss.

After the show in Saudi Arabia had concluded, four more matches had been booked for the show taking place on June 23.

WWE confirmed that at Stomping Grounds, Roman Reigns will take on Drew McIntyre in a singles match and Becky Lynch will defend the Raw Women's title vs Lacey Evans.

Seth Rollins will also face Baron Corbin with the Universal title on the line on the show, and Kofi Kingston will put the WWE title on the line vs Dolph Ziggler inside a steel cage.

Each one of these matches mentioned above is a rematch of a clash which has recently taken place on a major WWE show over the past few months.

Reigns vs McIntyre is a rematch from their clash at WrestleMania 35, Lynch and Evans faced each other already at Money in the Bank, and Rollins vs Corbin and Kingston vs Ziggler are Super ShowDown rematches.

Many fans picked up on the fact that the vast majority of matches booked for Stomping Grounds right now are rematches and mocked WWE for it on Twitter.

So much for WWE no longer booking rematches!

You can make some sense as to why some rematches are taking place since McIntyre attacked Reigns and cost him his match vs Shane McMahon at Super ShowDown, and 

However, the most absurd rematch has to be Lynch vs Evans for the Raw Women's Championship.


The Sassy Southern Belle hasn't won a match on WWE TV since her loss to The Man at Money in the Bank, yet she once again finds herself in a position to win a top prize in the women's division.

They say wins and losses don't matter in the WWE, but it's this kind of booking which anger fans as it shows WWE will just do what they want creatively despite the lack of reasoning behind it.

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