EA Sports have released the trailer for FIFA 20 and it's brought FIFA Street back


The trailer for FIFA 20 is here!

The biggest and best football game is back, with the release date confirmed for September 27.

EA Sports posted a short teaser trailer on Friday and have now released the full trailer.

The publisher recently revealed some of the gameplay changes that will be coming in the ‘next iteration’ - so FIFA 20.

These improvements will come after EA Sports listened to feedback from gamers.

One of the priorities is AI Defending.

EA Sports wants the gamer to be more in control of defending, instead of letting the computer do it all.

FIFA 20 trailer is here

The trailer has landed and it confirms the return of FIFA Street.

Except, the version of the beloved skills game is now called VOLTA Football. Check it out.


VOLTA Football features

The features in VOLTA Football sound very exciting.

The game mode includes Story Mode as well as an online league which includes promotion and relegation.


You can also simply play as your favourite professional team in VOLTA Kick-Off.

There are various numbers you can play as, including 3v3 Rush (No GK’s), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal.


VOLTA comes with difference sizes of arenas and different environments - some with walls, some without.

The customisation on offer sounds ridiculous. You can equip your avatar with various types of gear, from shirts to shoe and sweaters to shorts.

More items are unlocked as you progress through the in-game challenges.

VOLTA Football will also take you global. From an underpass in Amsterdam to a Tokyo rooftop, there’s going to be some incredible scenery.


Shooting is being revamped

1v1 shooting is also being revamped in FIFA 20. Accuracy in 1v1 situations against the goalscorer will be improved, resulting in more shots on targets.

Goalkeepers will also make less ‘superhuman’ reactions when they face a 1v1 situation.

The Green Timing Window for timed shots is being reduced to two frames for all shots, meaning they will require more skill to perform.


It will be harder for players to ‘chain’ skill moves. Players will be more likely to lose control of the ball when they attempt consecutive skill moves, a tactic which has proven to be pretty overpowered.

Elsewhere, passes from difficult positions - such as 180 degrees, first-time and pressured passes - will result in slower/weaker balls, making them less effective.

Players will have the option to manually perform ‘dinked’ passes, used to avoid a defender’s leg.

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