Matt Riddle explains his criticism of Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown


The main event match of The Undertaker vs Goldberg has been the main talking point amongst WWE fans in the fallout of Super ShowDown due to the botches and errors involved.

At several points in the match, both Undertaker and Goldberg botched their moves, putting the other at serious risk of injury.

It was the WCW icon however that made more botches throughout the match, messing up his signature Jackhammer manoeuvre, and he also made an error while attempting The Deadman's Tombstone Piledriver.

Not only that, Goldberg later admitted on Twitter that he knocked himself out during the match, and it was clear this affected how he performed in the ring.

As a result, Matt Riddle ranted in a series of Twitter videos about Goldberg (some which are now deleted), slating him for his performance in the ring, calling him the 'worst wrestler in the business'.

In a more calmly manner today, and in a manner which feels forced upon him by WWE, the NXT superstar has explained his beef with the Hall of Famer following his match with The Undertaker at Super ShowDown last night.

Riddle said in a tweet: "I love Pro Wrestling so much and that’s why I get mad at certain people because they’re unsafe, dangerous and a liability to everyone else, I’ve worked hard to get where I am and this is only the beginning!

"PS @undertaker is a stallion and is a true legend."

At least now we know that he has no problems with WWE or The Undertaker, just Goldberg.

Just like the rest of us, it seems Riddle is just passionate about wrestling and just wants to make sure everyone who steps inside the squared circle is safe to perform with to eliminate as much risk as possible.


Now though, the NXT superstar has left himself no margin for error when he steps inside the ring for his next match. Otherwise, he's going to receive the same criticism he's dished out to Goldberg this week.

Accidents happen in the ring. Unfortunately, it's part of the business. However, you can and must do everything you can to reduce the risk of injury. Even if it means two legends of the business that fans love and adore can no longer wrestle again.

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