Fans have spotted a glitch with Lukasz Piszczek in the new FIFA 20 trailer


EA Sports gave fans their first look at FIFA 20 on Saturday afternoon.

Ahead of the announcement stream at the E3 event, the development company uploaded a trailer for the next game and now fans will be counting down to the release date of September 27.

In truth, the video didn't give gamers as much information as they might have liked, but the trailer did confirm that FIFA Street would be making a return this year.

The game mode has been somewhat rebranded as 'Volta Football' and will allow fans to play street football in locations such as Amsterdam, London and a rooftop in Tokyo.

You will be able to play professional futsal, with three players on each team but not goalkeepers as well as standard 4v4 and 5v5 formats.

FIFA 20 trailer released

The FIFA Street format first made an appearance in 2005 and was quickly given sequels in 2006 and 2008, before it's most recent outing in 2012.

Aside from that, it seems as though gamers will have to wait for updates on Pro Clubs, career mode and improved gameplay mechanics that have been hinted at this year.

That didn't mean that clips of the game weren't shown in the trailer, though, and fans were given brief glimpses of Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City and Real Madrid players.

Piszczek glitch spotted 

One of those very moments saw Raheem Sterling skinning Lukasz Piszczek, before scoring a brilliant goal in the top corner. Sounds pretty standard, right?

Well, fans have already noticed that EA made something of an embarrassing mistake and it came during the brief few seconds where Piszczek was sent to the floor.

Screenshots have emerged of a glitch showing Piszczek's arm going through his own knee and it has already prompted some amusing posts across social media.

Check out the error and some of the fan reaction down below:

Come on EA, the game won't even be hitting the shelves for another three months.

Like with any and every game, glitches are somewhat inevitable, but they seem to be commonplace in FIFA and have made for some amusing YouTube videos over the years.

However, it will particularly hurt when one of these mistakes has made it into the major premiere of FIFA 20 and it won't exactly fill prospective customers with confidence.

Sure, does Piszczek defying the laws of physics affect the gameplay? Absolutely not, but it's the type of error you would expect when EA get other features absolutely spot on. 


Digital renders of players' faces are getting better than ever, so it's inevitable that Piszczek jamming his arm in his own knee will bring eye-rolls from fans.

Ah well, let's keep our fingers crossed that no more glitches creep their way into FIFA 20. There's no harm in being optimistic.

Are you excited for the return of FIFA Street? Have your say in the comments section below.

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