Edge and Becky Lynch become embroiled in a personal war of words on Twitter

Edge and Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has been reasonably quiet on social media in recent times, but it seems as though she's found her internet voice again.

After informing the fans she was having to tone it down on Twitter because 'Ronda Rousey got upset' at her online jibes, the old Becky has resurfaced to take on the WWE power couple of Beth Phoenix and Edge.

The mini-feud seemed to start when the then-heel Becky made a remark at SmackDown 1000 about Edge's neck injury that forced him to retire in 2011.

The Twitter fighting though started last month in-fact, and it included Lynch making her relationship with Seth Rollins public for the very first time.

Things simmered down though until the early hours of Friday morning though, where the rivalry was renewed by Becky One Belt herself.

The Rated-R Superstar took a dig at Lynch and her boyfriend Rollins before Lynch criticised Phoenix's commentary work, having made her debut for the NXT brand at the recent TakeOver event.

Becky Lynch has been at war on social media again, this time with Edge

After the Irishwoman challenged The Glamazon to lace up her boots again to fight her in the ring, Edge shot her back down by hinting that she's doing nothing to boost the frail ratings of WWE currently.

And then things got really personal.

After mocking Edge's ratings reply, Lynch made reference to the Hall of Famer maybe getting his 'redheaded wrestlers mixed up' - and that was a cold dig at his relationship with former WWE star Lita, whom he had a very public affair with.

Becky Lynch referenced the very public affair between Edge and Lita during her Twitter spat with the Rated-R superstar

Another back-and-forth ensued between the two, in which Lynch stated Edge was 'frail' due to his neck problems, but Edge had a shot of his own to fire relating to the Lasskicker's 'significant other'.

Referring to Rollins' past picture scandal in 2015 which went pretty viral, Edge pretty much won the battle with that very comment.

Are you all caught up now?

We're not quite sure as to whether or not this was given the green light by WWE officials, but if it really is completely off the cuff, then WWE should probably let superstars go rogue more often to drum up interest.

It will definitely make many want to see Lynch v Phoenix in the near future, and if they brought these kind of insults to television, the reaction they would all get would be deafening.

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