Goldberg was unable to stand by himself following Super ShowDown match with The Undertaker


WWE fans were skeptical when The Undertaker and Goldberg were to get in the ring with one another at Super ShowDown last Friday, and the end result was not good at all.

Warning signs were apparent as soon as Goldberg left his dressing room with a spot of blood on his forehead, and five minutes into the match when the WCW legend went head first into the turnbuckle things took a turn for the worse.

Heavily bleeding and not moving well at all, Goldberg botched both a Jackhammer and a Tombstone attempt on Taker, and The Deadman himself hit his patented finishing move badly as Goldberg's head seemed to hit the mat - that's a big no-no for a Piledriver move.

The end result saw Taker victorious with a sloppy Chokeslam, which seemed to be an audible to Goldberg's apparent injury, and Undertaker himself didn't seem at all pleased with the ending, that showed with his facial expressions.

After the match Goldberg revealed he had suffered a concussion and admitted he had let his fans down in the ring.

People knew something was wrong with Goldberg during the final few minutes of the match, but he powered on through with some not knowing how bad his injury was.

Worrying footage has emerged of Goldberg following his match with The Undertaker at Super ShowDown

And worrying new footage has been posted online by a fan who was ringside at the event, showing the state Goldberg was in following the match.

It shows a referee and a doctor around Goldberg as he gets out of the ring but he stumbles to the floor and seemingly can't find his feet.

After seeing this clip there may be many more wrestling enthusiasts calling for the former World Heavyweight and Universal Champion to call it a day for good.

Saudi money is of course tempting, but there's a point where you're risking your health and well-being for the sake of a quick pay-day.

That seems to have happened here, and if it is the end for Goldberg, his career can be looked back on with great success and unparalleled achievements.

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