Some fans are claiming Bernardo Silva dribbled past Virgil van Dijk


When Liverpool signed Virgil van Dijk from Southampton for £75 million, there were suggestions that the Reds overpaid for the defender.

Eighteen months on, Van Dijk now looks like a £75 million bargain.

The Dutchman has established himself as one of the best centre-backs in world football, helping the Reds achieve 97 points in the Premier League and leading them to Champions League glory.

He’s also captained his country to the UEFA Nations League final, only to lose 1-0 to Portugal.

And he’s also recorded a pretty bonkers stat.

It’s believed that he hasn’t been dribbled past in the 66 matches that he’s played this season.

For a centre-back, that’s pretty remarkable.

Portugal v Netherlands - UEFA Nations League Final

However, there are some rivals fans that simply refuse to believe that stat and will do anything to disprove it.

And that happened last night.

Some supporters are trying to convince themselves - and anyone that will listen - that Bernardo Silva dribbled past Van Dijk last night.

The incident in question occurred in the first-half of the final.


Bernardo entered the Netherlands box with the ball and faced Van Dijk.

He dummied to go onto his right foot, which forced the Liverpool defender to step to the right.

Bernardo then cut inside but ran into traffic.

And fans think this was an example of Bernardo ‘dribbling past’ Van Dijk when, really, it was just good defending.

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So, that’s England fans booing him and rivals fans trying to convince everyone that he’s finally been dribbled past in the past week.

You know you’re good when everyone is trying to put you down…

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