Ferrari formally 'intend to appeal' Sebastian Vettel's penalty in Canada GP

Ferrari intend to appeal the penalty against Sebastian Vettel.

There was one massive talking point after the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Sebastian Vettel crossed the line first - but finished second behind Lewis Hamilton thanks to a controversial five-second penalty.

The incident happened on turn three and, fittingly, involved the two drivers.

The official race report stated their reasoning as the following:

'The stewards reviewed video evidence and determined that Car 5 [Vettel], left the track at turn 3, rejoined the track at turn 4 in an unsafe manner and forced car 44 [Hamilton] off track.

'Car 44 had to take evasive action to avoid a collision.'

Vettel was handed the penalty and, as a result, defeat to Hamilton.

The German was incredulous as the decision, even refusing to park his car at the podium and then switching the placing numbers around to put '2nd' in front of Hamilton's Mercedes.

Formula 1 announced at around midnight that Ferrari are completely backing Vettel and intend to appeal the penalty decision.

If they can prove that the original decision was incorrect, Vettel will get the victory, of course.

Vettel was furious in Canada after the penalty decision cost him the win.

If they can prove it.

What they've officially lodged is an 'intention to appeal', meaning they now have 96 hours to gather their evidence.

They then have to decide if it's worth pursuing the official appeal, although you can imagine Vettel will be pushing them to do so.

It would have been both Vettel and Ferrari's first victory of the season but the four-time champion is instead 62 points behind his great rival.

The ultimate decision on this one could have a very important impact on the championship race.

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