Velveteen Dream blames Raw and SmackDown superstars for fans tuning out of WWE

Velveteen Dream

WWE really haven't been doing much to put smiles on fans faces recently, and Super ShowDown this past Friday only compounded the misery for some.

Not only was there general apathy towards WWE going to the Middle East again [get used to it as they have a 10-year deal with Saudi Arabia], but the request to have Alexa Bliss against Natalya on the show was reportedly denied by the Saudi government.

The main event between Goldberg and The Undertaker only made things words, with the WCW legend being knocked out during the match and several botches occurred towards the end of the match.

Raw and SmackDown viewership have been hitting record lows recently, and many have blamed Vince McMahon and the creative process backstage for the less-than-impressive shows and ratings to boot.

Some of the WWE Universe would be pleased if some more NXT superstars were brought up to the main roster, the likes of Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole for example, but many see it as a demotion in terms of how NXT stars are used on Monday and Tuesday nights.

One of the more popular stars at Full Sail is Velveteen Dream, and he's made some very public gestures to McMahon telling him to call him up.

Velveteen Dream's 'Call me up Vince' tights looked like a ploy to try and get a quick call to the main roster

Never one to shy away from saying what he really thinks, Dream took to his Instagram to give his take on why the main roster isn't doing so well currently.

Dream started off by asking whether or not it's fair to critique Vince McMahon, seeing as though WWE is a form of entertainment - and McMahon's character hardly appears.

After branching off on a tangent about how George Lucas was in the same boat producing Star Wars, Dream got to his actual point, stating: 'When TV sucks it's because the actors and entertainers and stuntmen FAILED to entertain you'.

Dream continued to post: 'Vince can write ALL DAY, it's your 'favourites' that have to make it entertaining'.

Velveteen Dream has made some controversial social media comments yet again, this time about main roster superstars

He then said that Star Wars, like WWE, was great in the 1990s, but the new ones 'suck' because the new actors 'suck', before pointing out this related to WWE too.

If Dream dropped a few names it would have made everything more juicier, but his comments are probably not going to go down too well with some Raw and SmackDown stars.

It seems as though every time Dream has a great match at a TakeOver, he will make outlandish comments to potentially get him in trouble.

He taunted All Elite Wrestling a few weeks ago on Twitter and asked his fans to spam WWE's account demanding his call-up to the main roster.

His latest posts may delay that from happening a little while longer.

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