R-Truth escapes with 24/7 Championship on Raw after being trapped in an elevator


It's no secret right now that WWE aren't doing great when it comes to viewership and fan reaction in 2019.

Record low numbers have been hit this year and the Wild Card Rule hasn't really done anything to change matters.

So when the USA Network came to Vince McMahon with ideas to try and boost ratings that were all 'terrible', he knew he still had to pick one.

And so came the birth of the 24/7 Championship, which was apparently the least-tragic idea of them but still not anything game-changing.

But the title has already surpassed all expectations after a bumpy start to its lifespan.

The design of the belt is the thing that caused the most dissatisfaction when Mick Foley unveiled it, but after a bad start, things could only get better - and boy they did.

On the very same night it was revealed, R-Truth became the third champion and left Raw the night after Money In The Bank with the strap, and it's been 'Run Truth Run' ever since.

Truth is now a five-time champion, winning the belt back under the ring, on a golf course and even on an aeroplane 39,000 feet above the Red Sea.

R-Truth is currently the 24/7 Champion and is in his fifth reign

These segments have been bringing in some big-time numbers in terms of social media hits for WWE, and on YouTube they've been killing it as well, with Truth's win on the plane gaining over 8 million views in just five days.

It also gives the lesser-used superstars some kind of guidance on storylines, and the likes of 205 Live GM Drake Maverick, Cedric Alexander and EC3 were involved yet again this week.

After the trio, plus Heath Slater, chased Truth into an elevator, the doors shut and the elevator 'broke' soon after, and with no referee about it was pointless fighting as the title could not change hands.

Truth last defeated Jinder Mahal whilst flying to Saudi Arabia to start his fifth reign

Instead we got a strange but hilarious segment where EC3 pulled a fork out and threatened to resort to cannibalism if they were stuck any longer, EC3 being angry that Maverick didn't invite him to his wedding even though he's the best man, and Truth then mistaking Maverick for WWE's favourite leprechaun - Hornswoggle.

Eventually though the lift became 'fixed' and a multi-man battle ensued for the 24/7 Championship, but Truth escaped once again.

What on earth was EC3 doing behind the referee?

WWE have shown positive signs of creativity with this new title though, it even feels a bit Attitude Era-ish but more PG, so you can excuse the things that don't make much sense simply because it's entertaining.

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