Anders Lindegaard makes funny Nokia analogy for David Moyes' Man Utd spell


Things didn't exactly go to plan for David Moyes as Manchester United manager.

Despite signing a contract that still won't expire for another three weeks, the former Everton boss was sacked just nine months into his tenure at Old Trafford.

In hindsight, given the performances of Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho, perhaps the dismissal was somewhat premature but fans aren't exactly missing him at the club.

Besides, Moyes' managerial career has petered out ever since and spells with Real Sociedad, Sunderland and West Ham haven't exactly set the world alight.

It's not as though United have been flying ever since, though, and their recent Premier League finish of sixth place proves just a single rung higher than Moyes' result.

David Moyes' Man Utd spell

However, if United want to reassure themselves about their decision, they can point to the fact that several ex-players have cast doubt over his suitability.

Rio Ferdinand has previously said that Moyes took on too much responsibility at the club, while the Bondi Beach story in pre-season seemed to underline his inexperience.

But we're not sure anybody has spoken as openly as former United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard, who made three appearances under Moyes' stewardship.

Hull City v Manchester United - Premier League

Nokia and iPhone analogy

When asked about the squad Moyes inherited, the Dane told the Evening Standard: “I didn’t feel it was ageing. It felt more like we just couldn’t adjust to a new way of life.

“It seemed like trying to charge an iPhone with a Nokia charger. It just slowly went flat. Who was ever going to lift the club after the boss [Ferguson]?

“Moyes and everyone with big influence on United have all been easy targets. And I refuse to be another one pointing at individuals.

“Every time the team has had a single bad result I’ve heard suggestions for new managers, getting rid of half the team and signing new players.

"I imagine it isn’t easy to work under those circumstances. I’ll point at myself and everyone else involved with United. Both on a professional and an emotional level. We were all to blame.

“None of us could accept changes to our beloved United. All of us thought everything should just stay the same and we’d carry on succeeding. It was an illusion.” 

Manchester United's Danish goalkeeper An

It's fair to say that Lindegaard didn't mince his words and while he refused to completely blame Moyes, the Nokia and iPhone analogy is simply gold.

And if we're running with the 35-year-old's technology analogy, Moyes is definitely the Nokia brick to Sir Alex Ferguson's iPhone X.

The evidence is there and it certainly didn't work out for the Scotsman, but United have never truly recovered from Ferguson's departure regardless of the manager.

Do you think Moyes was sacked too soon by United? Have your say in the comments section below.

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