Monday Night Raw records an all-time lowest non-holiday viewership in the United States

Vince McMahon

The WWE woes continue to get worse.

Ratings have been down for much of 2019 and it's not a new issue, but it's one that needs to be dealt with.

Unfortunately though the creative team did nothing to really boost the hopes of fans coming into the show, and this weeks episode was pretty much the same-old stuff.

The show as usual garnered a mixed response, but it did have its entertaining spots, and Vince McMahon probably wasn't too worried when he left San Jose on Monday night.

He may have been a tad concerned before SmackDown once he had seen how many views Raw had garnered though.

News broke yesterday that Monday's episode of Raw broke the non-holiday record-low for viewership in the United States.

It was only just over a month ago that WWE set the exact same record when only 2.16 million viewers tuned in to see their flagship program.

This weeks Raw - which featured a blockbuster six-man tag match - hit a non-holiday record-low viewership total

But it only took them five more shows to worsen that figure as they hit 2.13 million viewers this week.

In fairness, they were going up against extremely stiff competition in the form of Game 5 of the NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors, but the build of the matches and the reports coming out of Super ShowDown gave fans no real hook to tune in.

There was a bit of apathy towards the company as matches for the next pay-per-view, Stomping Grounds, were announced during the Saudi special on Friday, and all the matches made so far are rematches from Money In The Bank, WrestleMania or Super ShowDown.

Maybe that hasn't done them the world of good at all as the current card looks set to be one of the most unappealing for some time in the eyes of many.

It will be bad reading for Vince McMahon who is getting used to hitting record lows recently

WWE only went against the NBA for hours two and three on Monday, but could only muster up a measly average of 2.38 million viewers for the first hour, before dropping to 2.09 and 1.91 million viewers respectively.

It will be worrying news for USA Network who broadcast Raw, and who were the ones who reportedly brought such ideas like the 24/7 Championship to Vince McMahon in an attempt to bolster ratings.

Whilst that particular idea has gained traction on YouTube and social media, it's not transferring to television numbers.

If SmackDown continues to post record-low numbers like they did on May 14, then FOX may start to panic about their new acquisition that moves to the network in October - one they've reportedly paid $1 billion for.

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