R-Truth hilariously gets trapped in a shipping container on SmackDown Live


Ratings may be down, but the 24/7 Championship continues to be the shining light of WWE right now.

More specifically though it is R-Truth who is really carrying the whole thing on his back and running away with it.

The veteran wrestler has seemingly found his niche as a comedy babyface in recent years and WWE's newest title unveiled the night after Money In The Bank was seemingly befitting for him to win.

Despite only being active for three weeks, Truth is already a five-time 24/7 Champion and has won and lost the title in some strange places.

Truth regaining his title from Jinder Mahal 39,000 feet over the Red Sea on the way to Saudi Arabia has amassed over 8 million views on YouTube, proving that whilst it may not be doing anything for television ratings, the internet world loves the championship.

But it can get real tiring having a target on your back at all times.

As Truth explained to Carmella on SmackDown last night, the rigours of being the champion were getting hard to handle, and said that the '7/11 Championship' was ruining his life.

R-Truth is on the run as 24/7 Champion, his fifth reign as the title holder

After getting paranoid at the loud noises surrounding him, Carmella decided to hide Truth in a road road case which ships equipment from one arena to another, but he became 'trapped' inside the small container.

What followed was pretty hilarious as Jinder Mahal put on his best Princess of Staten Island impression to try and free Truth from the trap, but as he went to find a crowbar to free the stricken champ, his container had already been moved.

It was revealed that Truth had been shipped to Los Angeles for next weeks edition of Monday Night Raw, so Jinder decided to take his referee and make his way to LA early.

The end of the clip though showed that Truth was actually still in the arena and was about to be loaded onto a truck.

Considering the content of WWE shows isn't of the highest quality at the moment, the 24/7 Title is providing some hilarious comic relief in a time of need for fans, and Truth has become the posterboy.

Now Truth is all boxed up and on his way to Los Angeles, chances are we won't see any surprise title changes until Raw on Monday.

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