David Beckham is being worshipped by Thai Buddhists at a shrine in Bangkok

David Beckham

The fact that David Beckham from football retired six years ago has done little to dent his popularity around the world.

The 44-year-old is still idolised by millions, and particularly by Manchester United fans. 

The ex-midfielder was arguably the greatest natural talent of his day and won six Premier League titles, two FA Cups, and one Champions League with the Red Devils before joining Real Madrid in 2003. 

Just take a look at the reception he received in the recent United legends game against Bayern Munich at Old Trafford. 

However, even the most ardent Beckham fanboys would do well to match the esteem in which he's held in Thailand. 

Per The Sun, 'Golden Balls' is attracting droves of devotees to Bangkok - not the man himself, but a statue of him, which was engraved into a Buddhist shrine in 1998. 

One of the architects was clearly a keen United fan. 

The reason the holy place - which is nicknamed the 'David Beckham temple' - is gaining prominence again now is because it is bringing in a host of new tourists in recent months. 

Its official name, in case you were planning on paying a visit, is the Wat Pariwat. 

Beckham is depicted with his famous long hair and a full United 1997/98 kit. 

The same newspaper quote a temple assistant as explaining: 

"The art in the temple is the big attraction.


"The master of the temple wants it to stay here for hundreds of years so the next generation can see the culture of this period time.

''The architect who designed the temple was a Manchester United fan and liked David Beckham.

"So the chief abbott thought it would be a good idea if he included the footballer at the shrine where people pray.’'

A Madame Tussauds of sorts, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse, Superman and Barack Obama are also available to worship. 

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