EA Sports have completely changed penalties and free-kicks on FIFA 20


The annual release of FIFA is always hotly anticipated by football fans. 

Its current edition is being played by over 45 million people worldwide across PlayStation, Xbox and PC. 

So to say that it's a popular game is quite the understatement. Over the weekend, we were given the first taste of what to expect in FIFA 20. 

EA Sports were present at E3's 2019 Gaming Expo in LA, and they brought details of their latest title to show off. 

The trailer revealed that 'VOLTA' football will be making its debut, finally bringing back a FIFA Street style of play, which fans have been desperate for. 

Check out the reveal below. 

As well as bringing back street football, EA also announced major changes to how set-pieces are taken in regular games.  

In terms of free-kicks, players now have full control over the trajectory of the ball and can now add side spin and top spin using the right stick.

That means it will be much easier to pull off different types of shots that go around the wall, over the wall, or simply 'knuckle-ball' into the top corner.

Penalties have also been overhauled with a new aiming mechanic designed to make spot-kicks more accessible and fun, while also making them look much more realistic.

For more seasoned players of the game, there is still a much deeper level of skill to master as well. 

Check out a penalty shootout from FIFA 20 below. 

Speaking in detail about the changes to set-pieces, Sam Rivera, a lead gameplay producer, said:

"The aiming mechanics are completely different and more accessible but obviously we're keeping some elements of skill to make sure there's enough depth for the mechanics for those who want to be masters of those systems. 

"For example in free-kicks you're going to have full control of the spin that you apply to the ball and that's going to create your trajectory. 


"You can do side spin, top spin, no spin or a combination of them and that's going to be based on how you swing your right stick.

"You can go around the wall, you can go over the wall, you can do a knuckle-shot - ultimately these systems are more fun and you have more control.

"You swing the right stick and you see the trajectory being created - that's the cool part."


It certainly sounds like EA Sports have done a lot to make set-pieces more exciting and realistic for players.

Roll on September, when we'll all be smashing in 30-yard knuckle-ball free-kicks. 

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