La Liga fined €250,000 for using their mobile app to spy on people's conversations


La Liga have been fined €250,000 by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) for using their mobile app to hack people's phones and spy on their conversations.

Once the app gains access, it's able to listen through the microphone and get a geolocation for football fans watching games at bars which are illegally streaming.

Illegal broadcasting reportedly costs La Liga €400m per year.

They insist the technology was introduced to combat piracy and that they've never "recorded, stored or listened to any conversations". They also intend to appeal the fine.

"La Liga disagrees deeply with the interpretation of the AEPD and believes that it has not made the effort to understand how the technology [functions]," a statement from Spain's top flight read.

"For the microphone functionality to be active, the user has to expressly, proactively and on two occasions grant consent, so it cannot be attributed to La Liga's lack of transparency or information about this functionality.

"La Liga will appeal the decision in court to prove that has acted in accordance with data protection regulations."

The app will no longer be used from June 30, though La Liga claim they will "continue to test and implement new technologies to improve the experience of fans around the world, and at the same time, help combat the very serious scourge of piracy".

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