24/7 Champion R-Truth pleads for help inside WWE shipping crate in funny video


For all the criticism WWE creative receives lately, the one storyline which they have been hitting out of the park recently is the 24/7 Championship storyline.

The rules of the 24/7 title have allowed WWE to have the creative freedom to do crazy things for the title, the current 24/7 Champion R-Truth, and the several superstars who chase after him each week.

This week on SmackDown Live, in order to hide from superstars who were desperate to pin him for the title, with the help of his friend Carmella, Truth jumped in a WWE shipping box.

However, the box locked behind him after he jumped in, meaning he was trapped inside. Carmella ran off to get help while Jinder Mahal, wanting to become 24/7 Champion again, went off to find a crowbar and a referee.

By the time Mahal returned with a referee and a crowbar a few minutes later, the backstage staff at SmackDown had begun moving the crate to ship it to Los Angeles for Monday Night Raw next week.

In a funny video on his social media, Truth furthered his storyline with the 24/7 Championship, pleading for help from inside the crate.

He said: “I think I’m going to Monday Night Raw. Somebody get help! This is the 24/7 7-11 European Champion.”

After being pinned on an airport runway by Mahal for the title, winning it back while the plane was in the air and hiding in the toilets, to the scene inside the elevator on Raw this week, R-Truth's reign as 24/7 Champion is overwhelming the most entertaining storyline in WWE right now.

Makes you forget just how ugly the title actually is.


Titles sometimes make the superstar. Sometimes, superstars make the title. After a bumpy start, Truth has made the 24/7 Championship segment of Raw and Smackdown each week must-see television.

Videos like the one above just enhance the title even further. The 24/7 title storyline is the best storyline WWE is producing right now and it's all thanks to the creative freedom the title provides. 

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