Chris Jericho slams fan for calling AEW 'WWE Lite'

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - March 28, 2019

AEW has put the rest of the wrestling world on notice, including WWE, after their first-ever show, Double or Nothing, was highly praised by fans and critics alike.

Many now believe AEW could very well be a viable alternative to WWE for wrestling fans for years to come.

However, there are those that criticise the new promotion, citing how the promotion is trying to be like WWE by signing many wrestlers who previously worked for their competitor.

AEW wrestlers Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley (formerly known as Dean Ambrose), and Shawn Spears (formerly known as Tye Dillinger) all previously worked WWE.

In a recent tweet, one fan took a shot at AEW for signing former WWE superstars as well as trying to recruit CM Punk to the promotion, calling them 'WWE Lite'.

The fan wrote in the now-deleted tweet, via Wrestling Inc: "As much as I love @AEWrestling, it has to be said... @AEWrestling: 'We don't want to be @WWE Lite'.

"Also @AEWrestling: Signs @Perfec10n and @JonMoxley in less than 1 month. Also trying to recruit @CMPunk.

"Umm yeah... plus they got @dustinrhodes, @CodyRhodes, @IAmJericho..."

Jericho saw the tweet and lashed out in his response to the fan, as he said: "Wow you're a genius! Now go f*** your ass..."


If you watched Double or Nothing, you would know AEW is trying to be an alternative to WWE for wrestling fans, giving them something new to watch.


Certainly, their programming and storylines so far have demonstrated that, with more violence and blood than what you would expect to see in WWE. Cody has even said fans should expect more of this in AEW in the future.

In no way does this resemble any programming WWE currently has, as they book their shows for PG audiences, so AEW can't be WWE lite.

If AEW was WWE lite, the likes of Moxley and Spears would never have signed for the promotion, as they both left WWE due to creative differences.

There's nothing wrong with signing talent that previously worked for WWE. It doesn't make AEW a copycat of AEW in any way since they have a completely different way of booking their shows.

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