People are mocking Nike for releasing women's trainers that 'look like an iron'

The new Nike Air Max FF 720's.

Nike's new Air Max FF 720 trainers have not been well received online.

It's not merely because they're pretty ugly, either - it's much more about what they look like than how they look.

The trainers, aimed at women and promoted by England footballer Fran Kirby and Tennis star Laura Robson, are being criticised for looking like irons.

Yeah, not the perfect look for any trainers.

When tweeted out that the Air Max FF 720's were about to drop, they were met with reply after reply about irons.

There are pictures of irons, people wondering where the ironing board is, and just general disbelief that Nike were actually releasing trainers that looked like irons.

"So we are wearing iron inspired sneakers now?" said one tweet. "Wow! Wow!"

"No way. Before viewing the pics I thought these were irons," said another.

"Someone's gonna be pressing a lot of charges..." was another, although admittedly that joke doesn't really work and just has the word 'pressing' in it.

Sneaker News revealed the shoes on Twitter.

One person summed things up nicely, describing the shoes simply as "nasty pairs of something with a Nike tick on em."

Which, at the end of the day, is entirely accurate; irons or not, they don't look great.

The best tweet arguably came from @khaans, who nailed Nike's sales pitch for them.

"Presenting Women's Nike Air Max FF 720," he said. "It converts the mechanical and kinetic energy generated when you jog/run to heat the iron."

It's unlikely that the shoes do work like that, of course, but they sure look like they do.

These trainers really, really look like irons.

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