UEFA president plans to restrict Champions League finals to the same 'four or five' big stadiums


There was a fair amount of controversy surrounding the two big UEFA finals at the end of last season. 

Both showpiece events were contested by English teams, but at the Champions League final in Madrid, many fans were upset with ticket allocation. 

Tottenham and Liverpool were handed just 16,000 seats each, in a 68,000 capacity stadium - and the less said about the Europa League the better.

That final was staged in Baku, with less than 6,000 Arsenal and Chelsea fans combined making the trip to Azerbaijan.

So few people turned up, that UEFA actually opened up the stadium for free to bring locals in to fill some seats. 

It was a very poor image for the European football body - and it seems big changes could soon be made in the Champions League to avoid a repeat of this year. 

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has outlined his plan to restrict Champions League finals to just 'four or five' of the biggest stadiums on the continent. 

"What is my thinking now is we should play the finals in bigger stadiums even if we go to the same places, the same four or five places all the time," he said, per The Sun. 


"I’m talking about the Champions League only because it is the top of the top event. For example for Madrid we had 980,000 requests.

"So even if we’d play in Wembley we would have 30,000 more. It would change something.

"Probably a top, top, top event should be played only at the top venues. Hotel-wise, mobility-wise, stadium-wise. 


"But the Europa League and everything else should be shared with the others who love football."

Ringfencing the Champions League final to just a few of Europe's biggest stadiums would certainly be controversial. 

Traditionally, UEFA move around the continent, with next year's showpiece event being hosted in Istanbul.


It's highly unlikely the final would be played there again if these new plans go ahead.

Still, if it means more tickets are given to fans each year to fill only the biggest stadiums, then it may not be the worst idea.   

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