Jonathan Pearce had a meltdown over goal-line technology on this day in 2014

France v Honduras: Group E - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

With no World Cup or European Championship this summer, fans need to look elsewhere for their football fix.

And there’s plenty of alternatives.

The Women’s World Cup in France is in full swing, while Copa American kicked off on Friday night. The African Nations is also less than a week away.

It’s good, but it’s not quite the World Cup, is it?

For English fans, last summer was pretty memorable.

Gareth Southgate’s side won a penalty shootout and reached the semi-finals, before crashing out to Croatia in extra-time.

Four years prior to that, though, their World Cup campaign was pretty disastrous.

Uruguay v England: Group D - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Losses to Italy and Uruguay meant their tournament was over within a week, and a 0-0 draw with Costa Rica hardly helped the mood of the nation.

But at least English viewers were entertained by a certain Jonathan Pearce during the tournament.

The former Robot Wars commentator went viral after failing to understand the simple concept of goal-line technology during France vs Honduras.

And, as it happened on this day five years ago, we’ve decided to remind you of the rather hilarious moment.

Karim Benzema’s effort hit the inside of the post before Honduras goalkeeper Noel Valladares fumbled it in.

Goal-line technology first showed Benzema’s effort that hit the post to clarify that it hadn’t crossed the line before Valladares pushed it in.

But it confused Pearce enormously which saw him come out with some cracking lines as he struggled to understand what was going on.

'Which replay are we supposed to believe?"

"Oh goodness me, they've changed their mind."

"This is the biggest moment of controversy."


It left co-commentator Martin Keown trying to explain the situation to him, but to no avail.

Pearce spent the entire second-half outraged by goal-line technology.

As you can imagine, he was immediately trending on Twitter and some of the tweets were absolute gold.

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Pearce made such a fool of himself that he took to social media himself to explain his mistake.

He tweeted: "You didn't see everything that happened back at home on TV.

"Was I confused by GLT goal? Yes. So were world feed commentator, both managers and Fifa by their own admission due to stadium fault.

"1 Benzema shoots. Hits post.

"2 Ball rolls back in play. Gk pushes it back into goal. I call goal.

"3 Assistant ref runs towards half way. So does ref. Goal given. GLT graphic in stadium shows goal. You didn't see that TV shot.


"4. Then ‘no goal’ graphic comes up. Crowd goes mad. Honduras surround ref who comes to delegate to ask for clarification. You didn't see that.

"5 Then GLT graphic says goal even though graphic bears no resemblance to actual ball position close to line..

"Hope that clears things up a bit. Won't change views of those with preconceptions. Nothing will. That doesn't bother me. But one thing does.

"How come the eventual GLT goal graphic showed ball clearly over the line when replays showed it was not to. "Something was wrong" - P.Nevin.

"Pat's not the only one worried. If it had been a major side suffering would there have been more fuss?"

Everyone else managed to understand it, though…

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