Coventry player goes on extraordinary rant about club while on holiday

Coventry's stadium, the Ricoh Arena

Jak Hickman has never made an appearance for Coventry City.

And there's every chance that the 20-year-old will never feature for the Sky Blues.

That's because the defender has been videoed going on an extraordinary rant while on holiday.

In the video, Hickman slates his club and promises that he's leaving this summer.

"All you Coventry fans on here. You know what? I’m leaving. F*** Coventry," he can be heard saying.

Hickman is also heard boasting about his wealth.

"You see my pockets? F***ing heavy. My pockets are heavy," he said.
He then added later on in the video: "You know what I've got? A f***ing lot of cash, lots of cash."

Watch the video below. It really is embarrassing.

Hickman has since apologised for his behaviour on Twitter.

"Just want to speak on the video what people seen yesterday," he wrote.

"It's disgraceful on my behalf saying them words, and I'm so disappointed in myself. I'm not going to try and condone what I said because it's just not on.

"I have nothing but love for Coventry City Football Club. I know a lot of people have had their opinion on what they saw and I cannot blame them.

"I'm on holiday with friends and had a drink, but that is not an excuse for what I said.

Jak Hickman has never made an appearance for Coventry's first team

"All I can say is sorry and try to prove myself to you on the pitch where it matters if I get the chance.

"I and anyone else I mentioned are not leaving the club, just to clear that up. They were drunken words which were not acceptable and I didn't want anything I said to be seen.

"People who know me personally know what I'm like and will laugh, but if you don't I can't blame you for thinking I'm an idiot.

"But it's happened, now all I can do personally now is try to put it right."

The damage may already be done.

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