Rey Mysterio reveals that his son Dominick is almost ready to step into the ring for WWE

Dominick and Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is almost a year into his current stint with WWE, and he's been flying better than ever.

The luchador has been grounded though recently after suffering an injury at Money In The Bank.

Mysterio defeated Samoa Joe for his United States Championship but after picking up a shoulder injury, the San Diego native would have to vacate the title back to Joe a few weeks later.

In the build-up to his WrestleMania 35 match with Joe, Rey's son Dominick returned to WWE television after a long absence.

Dominick of course was at the centre of a custody storyline back in 2005 between Rey and Eddie Guerrero, in which he played a huge part.

Now all grown up though in 2019 and considerably taller than his father, Dominick has again been involved in Rey's storylines with Joe and also Cesaro, who noted Dom looks a lot more like the Samoan Submission Machine than his actual father.

Many expected Dominick to get physical at some point during his father's feud with Joe, and it turns out that was initially the plan.

Rey Mysterio has stated his son Dominick is almost ready to get physical in a WWE ring

Rey revealed to WrestlingInc that WWE had enquired if Dominick was ready to get physical, but it was too soon for him to get involved.

Dominick has been training for a few years now and Rey would like to see his son sign with WWE, but admits the choice isn't his to make but he's been given good guidance throughout his training.

"What I want is very different than what he wants. So the only thing I can do is guide him and leave the answer for him to decide," said Mysterio when asked on where Dominick will end up wrestling, per Pro Wrestling Sheet.

"And that’s what I’ve been doing for the last year or so - just kinda feeding him points and letting him know how this works, and how this happens, and at the end of the day he’s man enough now to make a decision on his own. I can’t decide for him.”

Mysterio is currently sidelined due to a shoulder injury but should be back in action within a month

“So I’ll put option A, B and C and I’ll say, ‘Here you go. You pick. I would do this one - me personally - but you’re the one that has to decide.’

"I think he’s been guided very well, and not only by me. Konnan [former WCW superstar] talks to him when he gets a chance.

"He’s been around this industry since he was a kid, so he’s grown up in this world. I think it’s gonna come naturally that he’ll know what to decide when that time comes.”

Dominick definitely has the genes and the scope to be a star, it will now come down to his passion for the business and willingness to learn.

No doubt it'll get a huge reaction when he first gets physical in a WWE ring, and wouldn't it be nice to see him get some comeuppance on Joe for all the things he's done to Rey over the past few months?

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