Ryback believes Goldberg is receiving unfair criticism following his match with The Undertaker


10 days on from their Super ShowDown bout, the debate on who to blame between Goldberg and The Undertaker for the botch-filled match continues to rumble on.

The majority have laid the blame on WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, and his head-banging antics pre-match in his dressing room will not have helped matters as he eventually suffered a concussion during the match.

That led to the break-down of the bout completely, with a Jackhammer, a Tombstone Piledriver and Goldberg's attempt of a Tombstone himself all botched.

There were calls from a section of the WWE Universe for both men to do the honourable thing and hang up their boots after such a performance.

Once compared to the former footballer and WCW icon, former WWE star Ryback has weighed in with his verdict on the match and the opinions of fans in the aftermath.

The Big Guy believes that Taker needs to share a portion of the blame instead of Goldberg copping all the flak though.

"I thought the entrances were amazing; I thought the intro in the beginning was great," admitted Ryback on his Conversations with the Big Guy podcast, per WrestlingInc

Ryback feels as though Goldberg deserves less flak for his Super ShowDown match

"But once Goldberg hit his head in the corner and he stayed down for a pretty long time, I was thinking, 'Oh wow! He goes really hard on those things.' It's one of those situations and Taker knows that he has all these other plans prepared. What do you do?

"Those guys were in a position where they were in the main event and you don't want to end a show on a really weird note. They were put in a really tough situation and I really feel for them, which can happen to anybody in all seriousness.

"A lot of people get angry and want to look at it and want to focus on that, and I get it because of their age, but anybody in WWE, with Undertaker too, had confidence in them and if that concussion didn't happen in those spots that they had I think they would have been much better.

Goldberg botched more than The Undertaker but it does indeed take two to tango

"You can even see that when Goldberg picked up Undertaker for the Tombstone they had to reshuffle; it was just off.

"I think, and this is something from people that I feel like Bill Goldberg is getting the worst of it. He's getting the blame on a lot of it, but you have to look at The Undertaker as well.

"Taker isn't the same Undertaker as he once was either. He's a heavy guy; he's a big guy, so when you take a suplex like that you have to jump and you have to get vertical for a guy, and it takes two people to make that move.

"I don't know, I wasn't in there, but I think Bill is getting unfairly being lashed out at a little more, but you have to understand that he had a concussion in all of this and you also had two guys in their 50s."

Ryback has a point - neither men are the force they once were and if the Saudi Arabian money wasn't on the table, then maybe they'd have both retired by now.

The debate as to who is to blame will rumble on and on, and it's a match that no-one will be forgetting in a hurry.

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