Kelly Kelly reveals Vince McMahon taught her how to strip-tease for exhibitionist gimmick

Kelly Kelly

Many female superstars have come and go in the WWE, but the one who felt most 'Attitude Era' following the move to the Ruthless Aggression Era was Kelly Kelly.

Originally a model, Kelly was signed up by WWE and was immediately thrust into the limelight on the reboot of the ECW brand.

Her gimmick was essentially an exhibitionist who would strip-tease the crowd, and in the early days her on-screen boyfriend Mike Knox would interrupt to stop her.

She eventually made her in-ring debut before going back to her exhibitioning, along with Layla and Brooke the trio became the Extreme Expose, and when they disbanded Kelly became more of a wrestler, and she ended becoming a Divas Champion in 2011.

But it would be her strip-teasing in her early days that would serve as her most memorable moments in her WWE career.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet about her time in WWE, Kelly recalled who taught her the moves to make the gimmick work, and shockingly it was Vince McMahon.

"Paul Heyman called me and said we have this idea and it’s this gimmick and you’re gonna come out and you’re gonna do this striptease and then your jealous boyfriend is gonna come out and wrap you in a towel," said Kelly, per NoDQ.

"Vince is like ‘It’ll be fine, I’ll teach you the moves'. I was like ‘well, whatever I have to do get my foot in the door.’

Kelly Kelly has revealed that Vince McMahon was behind her first moves as a WWE exhibitionist

"My first day, I remember Triple H and Vince were all in the room and they were just like ‘alright, these are just the basic moves that we need.’

I’m like sitting there and I’m watching Vince McMahon, who I watched when I was 13 years old and I just idolised, and he’s got a chair and he swings his jacket around.”

Not really the image you want in your head, but it's a hilarious thought all the same and it's exactly the type of thing you can imagine Vince McMahon doing.

It does prove though that when he wants to, Vince can get really into the character process of his stars, and maybe that's why he's stuck with the creative process and being hands-on for so long.

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