Drake Maverick pins R-Truth on SmackDown Live to become 24/7 Champion

Drake Maverick

The boyhood dream finally came true on SmackDown Live.

Ever since R-Truth captured the 24/7 Championship on its inaugural night, it's been one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

Many title changes have occurred and many disguises have been worn, but there's always been one constant chasing down the belt.

The 24/7 Championship has given overlooked superstars and even non-active competitors something to chase, and that goes for Drake Maverick.

The 205 Live GM inserted himself into the chase from the very beginning, and has been very vocal on social media about finding R-Truth every week.

He's even gone to the effort of creating his own promos and going round the city of wherever WWE is in before the show and handing out 'Wanted' posters of Truth, which shows his commitment to the cause.

He's tried many times to capture the title though with no success, even being on the receiving end of the first-ever successful 24/7 Title defence by Truth.

But things took a turn on SmackDown Live last night.

After Truth hailed down his getaway car outside the arena, a referee popped out with a 'mini-me Carmella' standing behind him.

When Maverick revealed himself, Truth simply uppercutted him to the ground and looked to be getting away [sans his title belt, which he was seemingly leaving behind], but things would take a turn.

Maverick rolled Truth up onto the concrete floor, and with leverage off of a car seat, became the new champion - and you best believe he is telling everyone about it.

205 Live GM Drake Maverick is the new 24/7 Champion

With Maverick alluding to the fact that he is 'getting married', one can only assume that Truth is going to crash the wedding [which could be next week] and try to reclaim his belt, which will make for incredible television.

Aside from Truth tagging with The Miz to face Drew McIntyre and Elias, the Maverick/Truth segment has top views on YouTube for the whole of SmackDown, so WWE are clearly doing something right with this belt.

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