Stone Cold Steve Austin admits to 'feeling like s**t' after Dean Ambrose podcast in 2016

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Three years ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin interviewed Dean Ambrose as part of a series which brought the Stone Cold Podcast to the WWE Network.

It really didn't go as intended.

Ambrose looked awkward and kind've acted like he didn't want to be there, which didn't seem to impress Austin, but he did manage to give some compelling responses about his childhood and his WrestleMania 32 match with Brock Lesnar.

The main sticking point of the whole interview was when Austin told Ambrose that he thought he was 'resting on his laurels' and challenged him to push the boat out and challenged him to 'raise the bar.

This was something that offended The Lunatic Fringe and the podcast was abruptly cut off to the closing credits whilst the two were still conversing.

He had advised producers though on topics he didn't want to talk about, and that clearly didn't get through to Austin [or he wasn't told] as the now known-as Jon Moxley described on Wade Keller's podcast earlier this month.

“Within five seconds, I’m getting these f***ing questions, I don’t remember what they were, and he said something that p****d me off and I just f***ing mentally shut down, and I love Steve," said Moxley.

Dean Ambrose was WWE Champion when he appeared on the Stone Cold Podcast and his attitude led to rumours of his depush

"If that had have been a regular interview, I’d have hung up on them, but I was like, ‘I f***ing love Steve.’"

Whilst talking to All Elite Wrestling owner Tony Khan, who now employs Ambrose/Moxley, Austin addressed the podcast and admitted he felt really down about how everything panned out, whilst dispelling some myths in the process.

"I've been carrying a thousand pounds on my back ever since [the podcast]," said Austin, per Fightful.

"I felt so bad about that interview and I was leading it. I was there to get people over and make them come off like a million bucks. We came off on the wrong street, kept making left turns, and were never on track.

"He had his reasons and I had mine. For all this time, I felt like s**t about that interview. People said, 'the Stone Cold podcast got cancelled [on WWE Network] because of that interview.' No, I had fulfilled my commitment.

Austin admits to feeling bad about how the interview panned out but insists he and Ambrose have buried the hatchet

"Everyone thought there was heat between myself and Dean Ambrose. I didn't really know Dean well but I respected his talent. His fans are crapping all over me. My fans were wondering what was wrong. That interview is one thing I think about almost every single day. It still haunts me."

Good news though, as during a 30-minute phone call between the pair, Moxley agreed to do another podcast with Austin in the near future, and judging by his appearance on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho show, it could get really explosive.

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