Real Madrid and Barcelona should stop making their signings do kick-ups at presentations


For some reason, Real Madrid and Barcelona both like to put their new signings under a bit of pressure on the very first day they arrive.

After being introduced to the media, the player will then go out on to the pitch in full kit and juggle the ball in front of fans and cameramen.

These players have kicked a ball all their lives and it’s obviously a fairly straightforward task. However, we’ve seen a host of nervous new arrivals struggle to keep the ball up during presentations.

Players recruited by Madrid and Barça are supposed to be the best of the best, so they can end up looking rather silly if they mess up their kick-up routine.

Unfortunately, this is precisely what happened with Real Madrid new boy Ferland Mendy on Wednesday.

The French left-back tried to juggle with both feet but ended up getting it all wrong after attempting to use his right foot.

He then sheepishly retrieved the ball before deciding to only use his left foot on the second attempt.

But don’t worry, Ferland, you’re not alone.

After Foot RMC have posted a video on Twitter showing other disastrous attempts from various players signed by Spain’s big two clubs, including Gareth Bale, Royston Drenthe, Ousmane Dembele and Paulinho.

However, Theo Hernandez produced our favourite attempt.

It couldn’t have gone much worse, really.

Maybe it’s time for Real Madrid and Barcelona to stop asking their new signings to perform on their first day in the job, in front of the media and thousands of expectant fans.

They’re not freestylers, they’re footballers.

Football is a team sport and these players are used to performing alongside 10 others.

Certain players are suited to this type of situation - Neymar, for example, produced an impressive routine during his Barça presentation back in 2013 - but the majority aren’t.


Especially defenders like Mendy.

Still, it is quite funny for the rest of us when it goes a bit wrong.

Even multi-million pound footballers are human.

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