Scotland Women crashed out of World Cup v Argentina after dubious penalty retake

Scotland were sent home from the WWC in controversial fashion

Scotland have been knocked out of the Women's World Cup in the most controversial manner possible.

Shelley Kerr's side cruised into a 3-0 lead over Argentina in the Parc Des Princes and had progression to the knockout stages in their grasp.

Kim Little put the Scots in front, before Jenny Beattie and Erin Cuthbert appeared to put them in an unassailable position.

But on 74 minutes, Argentina struck through Milagros Menendez and then made it 3-2 five minutes later thanks to an own-goal from goalkeeper Lee Alexander.

Then on 86 minutes, the drama commenced.

Argentina were awarded a penalty through a lengthy VAR review, but Florencia Bonsegundo saw her spot kick saved by Alexander in the 89th minute.

However, VAR stepped in once again and controversially demanded the penalty be retaken because Alexander stepped off her line.

The Scotland goalkeeper was booked and on 94 minutes, Bonsegundo equalised to send eliminated Kerr's side.

Alexander saved the first spot kick

You can watch the whole incident in the video below.


The call for the penalty to be retaken has caused a lot of controversy on social media and one Twitter user slowed down the footage to show just how cruel it was on Scotland.


The moment Bonsegundo makes contact with the ball, Alexander's feet appear to be on the line.

It's only after the ball has been played that she steps off the line, which is a matter of milliseconds.

On the VAR replay, it does appear as if Alexander is a fair way off her line, but another Twitter user has pointed out that the angles used become highly subjective.

The only real way too know would be an angle from straight down the line.

But surely football games of such importance should not be decided on margins like this?

The new rules regarding goalkeepers and being on the line for penalties will be introduced in the Premier League next season and with the addition of VAR, it is going to cause mayhem.

Imagine a goalkeeper picking up a second yellow card in a big game because they stepped a centimetre off of their line...

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