Premier League VARs will not order penalty re-takes if the goalkeeper comes off their line

VAR in the PL will not rule on penalty retakes

VAR was once again the centre of controversy last night at the Women's World Cup.

During Scotland's 3-3 draw with Argentina, the technology intervened to demand a penalty be re-taken because Lee Alexander stepped off her line before the ball was kicked.

The Scotland 'keeper was booked and Argentina scored at the second attempt to equalise, a goal which knocked Shelley Kerr's side out of the tournament.

On the face of it, the technology was only implementing the new rules on penalties issued by FIFA.

However, using VAR to analyse something so precarious as having a foot just off the line before the ball is struck will cause mayhem throughout football.

Thankfully, The Times have revealed that when VAR is introduced to the Premier League next season, the goalkeeper's position for penalties will only be scrutinised by the on-field referee.

Technology will not be allowed to get involved.

It's a small victory and one which should eliminate the inevitable prospect of every missed penalty being re-taken.

The issue of a goalkeeper having feet on the line for a penalty isn't the only change coming to how spot kicks are taken in 2019/20.

How many penalty retakes is Mike Dean going to order?

Goalkeepers will no longer be able to touch the frame of the goal or feign movement to try and gain an advantage over the attacker.

The latter seems like it will be extremely hard to enforce.

Goal kicks will also be different for the coming season. Before, the ball was not deemed in play until it left the 18-yard box.

But now, the ball will be active as soon as the 'keeper has come into contact with it - which should speed the game up.

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