Youth baseball game in Colorado descends into mass brawl involving parents

  • Kat Lucas

The feeling of being overly invested in youth games is something any parent will be familiar with.

In the UK, grassroots football has seen numerous measures brought in to ensure parents respect the officials and players.

Most pitches even have a section roped off for supporters to ensure they aren’t encroaching or intimidating the referee.

It’s natural to feel passionate about your son or daughter’s team and, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, all too often that enthusiasm isn’t channelled correctly.

ABC News have obtained some frankly unbelievable footage of a ‘Little League’ baseball game at Westgate Elementary School in Colorado, USA in which that was taken to the extreme.

Following a decision from a 13-year-old umpire – yes, 13 – watching parents began brawling and throwing punches at one another.

The players involved in the game itself were just seven. The fight began when one of them allegedly batted out of order, prompting a dispute with the umpire.

Take a look at the outrageous footage below:

“What is happening?!” one onlooker can be heard to shout. Well, quite.

“Kids look up to you,” one parent said.

“My kid does. If you don’t lead by example, what do you expect the future to be?”

One man is even seen landing a blow from behind on the back of another’s head, while others are backed into a fence and attacked.

There were several injuries – one thought to be serious, per the same report – but no arrests have yet been made.

Police are now trying to identify those involved using the video above.

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