Santi Cazorla gives detailed account of Sergio Ramos' wedding in Seville

Sergio Ramos married his longtime girlfriend Pilar Rubio

Sergio Ramos recently married his long-time girlfriend Pilar Rubio in Seville.

A number of the Spaniard's teammates, past and present, attended the event, including David Beckham.

Santi Cazorla, who knows Ramos well through their time with the Spanish national team, was also among the guests and the Villarreal man has given a brilliant account of the occasion.

It turns out footballers love a wedding just like the rest of us; who would've though it, eh?

"I only drank rum, one after another," Cazorla said, per Daily Mail. "I was loyal and only drank rum. I didn't mix drinks because know it can catch up to me.

"After rum I went on to churros with chocolate. The churros were amazing."

It would be rude to not spoil yourself with drink and food at a wedding, but what about dancing? Don't worry, that part was covered too.

"Pablo (Motos) was the best dancer and I was second-best," Cazorla added.

"I was really good, I ended up with a sore ankle, but it was worth it. Joaquin was good too, but he left very early.

Cazorla at Ramos' wedding

"Pepe Reina stayed with me and ended up tearing his shirt and I told him; 'Pepe, it's time to leave.'"

Cazorla then explained one of the key attractions of the wedding; bumper cars.

"I went on the bumper cars, which I hadn't done since I was 15 and I didn't fall off in an hour-and a-half," the Spaniard said.

And it turns out Ramos himself had a genius idea for a wedding that should be implemented more often, banning mobile phones.

Ramos' wedding was the talk of the town

"This day had it all, there were no cameras, no phones, nothing," Cazorla said.

Only one man was allowed to have his phone on him, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

"Only Florentino (Perez) had his phone," he added. "He was watching the ACB basketball final."

So there you have it, footballers are just like us when it comes to a wedding, good on them.

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