Radamel Falcao's brilliant story on how Jose Gimenez 'drove him crazy' in 2013

Jose Gimenez really got inside Radamel Falcao's head

Being a defender isn't easy.

At any level of the game, trying to nullify the opposition's attack is a tough task, with defenders doing anything possible to get in the head of the man they're marking.

A few sly digs under your breath, a bit of rough-housing, there are many ways with which to try and assert your dominance.

But Atletico Madrid's Jose Maria Gimenez might just have the best tactic of them all.

When playing against Colombia for Uruguay back in September 2013, the centre-back was tasked with marking Radamel Falcao, who was at the peak of his powers.

Gimenez was just 19 at the time, but he was instrumental in his side keeping a clean sheet and recording a 2-0 win in World Cup qualifying.

And Falcao's account of how Gimenez 'drove him crazy' is just pure gold.

“I couldn’t concentrate as Giménez was driving me crazy,” Falcao said, per These Football Times.

“He asked me questions. First, he asked me what car I had. When I was explaining it, he had already gone and was waiting to meet a cross.

Gimenez tackles Falcao

"That was only the start. Then he asked me why the flags of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela have the same colours.

"Next he came over to me and told me it was his debut, that he was very happy and that he would get a tattoo of the date of his match, asking me if September was spelled with or without a ‘p’. I ended up missing the chance to jump for a cross.

"He drove me crazy.”

That's genius from Gimenez.

The Atletico man certainly has some tricks up his sleeve

It's a tactic that needs to be repeated down the parks in Sunday League.

"Gary, what car have you got mate? Ah sorry mate, just nodding the ball away from danger."

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