Edge gives his two cents on WWE scripting promos


Over the past couple of weeks, the biggest topic of discussion amongst wrestling fans has been the creative direction in WWE.

One of the biggest issues fans have with WWE's creative direction is their scripts. These days, the vast majority of promos which you see in the WWE are scripted.

Only a handful of superstars are allowed to improvise from their script as well. Many fans don't like scripted promos as it takes away the passion from wrestling.

Speaking on his podcast, E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, Edge reflected on how scripted promos helps WWE control what is said on TV since the company is publicly traded.

He said, via Wrestling News: “It’s interesting, you hear how scripted everything is and da-da-da-da-da and how stifling it can be, and I think there’s probably an argument for both sides.

"I think there’s an argument, because you’re a publicly traded company; it’s FOX; it’s USA [Network]; it’s all of these things, so I get that side of it."

However, Edge also has sympathies for those fans that don't like scripted promos, as he feels some of WWE most iconic promos never would have happened if superstars had to stick with a script.

He said: “But I also get the aspect if things were so heavily scripted, you don’t get the Macho Man [Randy Savage] ‘cream of the crop’ promo, I don’t think. You wouldn’t get ‘Austin 3:16’, I don’t think. I get both sides, I guess is what I’m saying.”


There has to be an even mix of superstars reciting scripted promos and promos which are created out of nothing. Otherwise, no future superstars will ever get near the heights of Stone Cold and Macho Man when it comes to speaking on the mic.

If there isn't, we could start to see more and more superstars leave WWE in the near future due to poor creative direction, just like Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) did not too long ago.

With AEW on the rise as well, it's time for WWE to put their creative caps on and allow their superstars to have a bit more creative freedom when they have a microphone in their hands.

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