CM Punk asks fans to stop wasting their time with WWE if they hate it


Despite how bad and annoying wrestling can be at times, fans keep coming back to watch the product, whether it be WWE or any other wrestling promotion, in hope that it will change.

Usually, it does, but it can sometimes take its time. The journey towards the end goal when it comes to wrestling storylines can be a frustrating one for fans who are heavily invested.

Then, when it doesn't go the desired way, or worse, doesn't reach the desired outcome, fans can express their anger with the product over social media.

While speaking to fans on social media, CM Punk questioned why fans keep watching wrestling despite how agitated they get when storylines don't go the way they hoped.

He mentions that when he left the WWE and wrestling back in 2014, it did wonders for him personally.

Punk said in his first tweet: "Since I can't have fun and tweet about movies or baseball without you telling me about rasslin', question for you: Why do you spend your time on something you hate?

"If it's soooooo bad, leave it. I did. Works wonders. I look forward to the intelligent discourse."


Writer Mike Asti responded to his tweet and said: "If you hate the food at a restaurant, you don't go back.

"But for some reason, people won't give up watching something like wrestling, being a fan of a particular sports team or reading/listening to members of the media despite claiming to hate so much."

The former WWE Champion replied: "Imagine going to the movies once a week to see the same movie you hated last week. For years."

Another fan tweeted back: "It's called passion and holding out hope that something that used to be epic will be that way again."

Punk responded: "It's called Stockholm syndrome."

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Punk raises an interesting point. However, the simple answer to his query is that fans stick around and continue to watch wrestling in hopes that it will improve since they've already invested themselves into the storyline.

Then again, Punk's solution to stop watching wrestling altogether will change how a storyline is booked quicker than continuing to watch and hoping it changes naturally.

As for Punk's own wrestling future, he is still happily retired, but there are reports linking him to AEW since the promotion's president, Tony Khan, has expressed an interest in signing the former WWE superstar.

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