R-Truth crashes Drake Maverick's wedding and wins back WWE 24/7 Championship


This might be the craziest 24/7 Championship change the WWE has booked to date, as it took place at a wedding of all places.

After winning the 24/7 title from R-Truth on SmackDown Live this week, Drake Maverick entered his wedding weekend with the title around his waist.

After tying the knot with his wife, indie wrestler Renee Michelle, the newlyweds walked back down the aisle together at their wedding when they came face to face with a WWE referee.

Maverick was in shock as he knew what was coming, and on all days possible too, it had to be his wedding day.

As the newlyweds looked at the referee, Truth sneaked up behind the 24/7 Champion and rolled him up for the three count to win the title once more.

The new 24/7 Champion then ran off and out of shot with Maverick looking furious on the floor. He then got back onto his feet and apologised to his now wife before chasing after Truth.

Truth is now the 24/7 Champion for the sixth time in his career, ending Maverick's reign as champion after just three days. However, the title change took place yesterday, which was when Maverick's wedding actually took place too.

Truth has now been 24/7 Champion for a combined 26 days as recognised by WWE.

This is the 12th 24/7 Championship change since the title was created, with the previous champions being Elias (twice), Jinder Mahal (twice), Robert Roode, Titus O'Neil, and Maverick (all once).

It will be interesting to see how WWE continues the 24/7 Championship storyline with Truth this Sunday at Stomping Grounds as Maverick is unlikely to be there since he's just got married.


A video is going around on Twitter showing Matt Hardy's son, Maxel, carrying the 24/7 Championship over his shoulder, so he may have pinned Truth for the title afterward, but this is just pure speculation.

Nevertheless, Truth pinning Maverick on his wedding day has to be the best 24/7 title change to date and it will be intriguing to see how WWE tops it with the next title change, if they can.

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