Father promises son, 7, a PlayStation if he hits crossbar three times in a row

Fabian Charles could be a future football star.

The seven-year-old, who plays for Stoke City Under Eight Academy, showed he possesses a lot of talent in a video which went viral on social media earlier this week.

Fabian was having a kick-about with his father, Chris.

Chris, 34, joked to his son that he wouldn’t have any dinner if he didn’t hit the crossbar with any of his three attempts.

The Stoke youngster then stepped up and proceeded to smash the crossbar.

Unphased, Fabian then stepped up again and hit the crossbar again.

His Dad, who couldn’t believe what he was seeing, then gave him extra encouragement to go and hit the bar for the third successive time.

“Oh my God… If you get three out of three I’ll buy you a brand new PlayStation. Imagine that. If you get this I’ll get you a PlayStation. I swear down,” he said.

Chris could then be heard saying ‘don’t get it, don’t get it’ as his son stepped up.

But Fabian secured his prize after hitting the crossbar once again.

He couldn’t contain his emotions as he ran to celebrate with his father.

Watch it below:

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Brilliant stuff. For only seven years old, Fabian has some great technique.

Chris has since spoken out on the viral video, saying he thought his son had no chance of hitting the bar three times in a row.

“He is seven years old, I thought I had a safe bet,” he said, per the Daily Mail.

“If I thought he would do it I would have offered a happy meal or some hot wings.

“He does have a great strike in him but I know professionals that would struggle with three in a row.

“So definitely was a shock.”

Although he wasn’t specific on what PlayStation he would get him, Chris admitted afterwards he was talking about the PlayStation 5, which is due for release in November 2020.

“He has the PlayStation 4 so I was talking about the PS5.

“But I’ve since found out that it’s not available until next year.

“So this weekend I will take him out and let him get what he wants – games, boots, trainers – and then pre order the PS5 when it’s out.”

He concluded: “Why oh why did I make that bet.”

He definitely won’t be setting his son challenges with big rewards in the future, that’s for sure!

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